Close gap in chart turnaround time with scribes. 

Combine the power of real-time, in-room recording with our expert scribes for quality and timely documentation directly into your EHR.

Ready to embrace medical scribing?

The DeliverHealth platform allows providers to choose their documentation preference—transcribing or scribing—from anywhere, at any time, in the same app.

Having the scribing functionality within your current platform gives your physicians the ability to toggle between transcription and scribe for OR reports vs. clinical notes. This will help your physicians that have a gap in chart turnaround time.

We can get you up and running with medical scribes in just a few weeks.

Make mobile your superpower.

Accessing a trained medical scribe on the DeliverHealth platform is as easy as tapping a button on an iPhone or Android device.

Here’s how it works:

  • Open the eScriptionOne app
  • Tap on the patient’s name in their daily schedule
  • Tap on the record button

Our scribing solution has better outcomes because our experienced scribes are listening to the encounter and completing the note. A trained medical scribe listens to the encounter, creates a structure note in the EHR for clinicians to review and sign off. Our scribes are well-versed in medical terminology, language of medicine, pathophysiology, and more which helps to ensure quality and accuracy. As a result, instead of spending hours on documentation, providers only need to spend a few minutes reviewing and signing off on the note.


Streamline workflows and keep your options open.

Providers in nearly 1000 organizations already use the DeliverHealth platform for transcribing. By adding medical scribing, you’ll give your providers the option of using choosing either transcribing or scribing—whatever suits their needs for that particular patient encounter—within a trusted platform and workflow they already know. Our users love the experience, quality, and turnaround time.


Reap the rewards of a secure, reliable platform.

Because your providers use their mobile device’s microphone to record patient encounters, the audio quality is superb. In addition, eScriptionOne is a fully encrypted mobile app, and the DeliverHealth platform operates within the Azure cloud, offering providers and healthcare organizations high levels of security.

Key Benefits:

  • Decreased provider documentation time
  • Improved provider productivity
  • More face-to-face time with patients
  • Improved patient care and satisfaction
  • Enhanced provider satisfaction
  • Faster revenue cycle
  • Better MIPS protocol documentation
  • More complete and thorough documentation

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