Maximize your EHR Investment

Amplify your Epic capabilities. Get the expertise, technology, and advanced analytics you need optimize Epic Simple Visit Coding (SVC) so you can improve efficiency, speed cash collection, and maximize use your staff.

Code high-volume, low-risk accounts easier.

Keep pace with expanding coding volumes and overcome staffing shortages at the same time. SVC automates simple, high volume outpatient visits with no human intervention needed. Let our consulting experts give you all you need to expand your SVC build.

Dive deeper with SVC analytics.

Optimize your coding staff.

Don’t fret over staffing levels or contract coders. A fully optimized Epic SVC function through DeliverHealth will help you adjust staffing and save money. It also will give you the ability to refocus your current coders on surgery, inpatient, or ProFee coding, areas where they can use their specialized skills at the highest level.

Moving 75K outpatient visits to SVC can:


  • Save you nearly $150,000 in staffing costs
  • Reduce your FTEs by 2.4
  • Help staff focus on career advancement

Scale up with confidence.

Earn your Epic Gold Star.

Make your C-suite proud. An optimized SVC function is one of the criteria you’ll need to earn an Epic Gold Star, a status that will bring your healthcare organization a marketing boost.

Key benefits, include:

  • Increase coding efficiency and accuracy
  • Reduce DNFB and AR
  • Gain leading-edge analytical insights
  • Make billing more consistent
  • Accelerate cash collection
  • Refocus coding staff on more complex coding cases
  • Cut staffing costs
  • Help providers speed evaluation and management tasks
  • Use Epic its full potential
  • Move closer to earning an Epic Gold Star


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